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anytime. everywhere.

anytime. everywhere

It’s high time to change the way care for our families, friends and neighbors regardless whether they live nearby or thousands of kilometers away.

By building mHealth systems that link accredited practitioners to those in need, we hope to realize the lofty goals of truly universal health care, anytime everywhere.

Quality Standards

We leverage the power of technology to improve healthcare standards and expedite effective service delivery.

From empowering physicians with superior communication tools to helping manufacturers to bring there solutions to the point of care, we’re changing the way people manage their health for the better.

WeDoDigital 2017: m.Doc chosen as a nationwide winner

“Everyone talks? We do” is this year’s slogan of the WeDoDigital campaign initiated by the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce – a campaign that aims to honor digital success stories in 2017...

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As top-ranked mHealth platform providers and continuing pioneers in patient satisfaction, the m.Doc team remains loyal to his founding tenets and mission to make high-quality care more affordable and accessible.

m.Doc GmbH was founded on the sincere belief that in an age of modern technologie, distance, geographical location, physical borders or age should never be barriers to effective, affordable healthcare.




We’ve built the mHealth Platform,
enabling the delivery of best possible healthcare


Using standard devices, such as iOS and Android mobile devices, laptops, and even landline phones, our proprietary solution makes it possible to match and connect patients with their healthcare providers, resulting in meaningful online encounters in real time.

A Platform That Scales

Our state of the art m.Doc technology and services ensures successful Telehealth visits, from the first launch to continued expansion.
Extend your services, your brand and your provider rights into your patient´s pocket


The m.Doc communication toolkit facilitates secure, multi-way communication with your team members, specialists, caregivers, service providers, patients and even concerned families. Medical device manufacturers and healthcare systems have much to gain by embracing connectivity

Application Ecosystem

Device Agnostic

Partner Network

Communication Toolkit


Services Ecosystem

Integration Engine

Workflow Engine

Data Security

Meet the Growing Demand
for Telehealth Services

mHealth is an innovative solution to an age-old problem. This platform allows patients to consult with doctors from anywhere in the world using modern web technologies that rely on tested information it & data security standards.

In the process, it reduces critical time delays between the discovery of health problems and the application of valid solutions.








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m.Doc team remains loyal to our founding tenets and mission to make high-quality care more affordable and accessible.